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Smart Anti Snoring Device Eye Mask Type

Smart Anti Snoring Device Eye Mask Type Item NO: YA3100

US$ 99.00
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  • Style: Eye Mask
  • Supported App: Bluetooth 4.0 above, Andriod 4.3 Above,IOS7.0 and Above
  • Package Size: 8.66x3.3x0.94inch
  • Package Weight: 0.74(lb)

Product Name Smart Anti Snoring Device Eye Mask Type
Item NO YA3100
Weight 0.6 kg = 1.3228 lb = 21.1644 oz
Category Snore Stopper > Mask Device
Tag Eye Mask
Brand Snore Circle
Creation time 2018-11-30


Amazon Customer

Mask is a little large couldn’t tighten the mask down, had to add some Velcro


Steve G.

I bought the v4 in hopes that my wife would get a good nights sleep, because I snore so loudly.
I down loaded the app and charged up the v4 read the instructions and wore that very night and every night since. It has worked for me and my wife!!
I wake up refreshed and don’t fall asleep driving home from work as I used too. Wow the v4 is working for me.



Works great now I can sleep with her.


Ed Doris

This seems to work.....everyone wants a magic cure for snoring...there isn't one. If you are overweight, you have to lose weight! Whatever you buy won't be a cure....My friends husband stopped snoring after giving up dairy...after 1 more snoring! So, this won't be a magic's comfortable and it has helped some nights...for the price it's great!



This anti-snoring eye mask is a great device, it is light and easy to set up. quite comfortable to wear. It must have helped to stop the snoring as my wife did not complain any more, what's even better is it does not awake me during my sleep! So far, quite happy with the device and would recommend it to those who are looking for some effective yet comfortable to use gadget.


Charles Qi

I am impressed by the slick design and how easy to use the device. The device is very comfortable to wear and with the mobile app it is very easy to assess the effectiveness.


Weiliang Li

I got this mask a few days ago , it was a very happy buying experience as the seller was flexible enough to send the product from the warehouse in China to New Zealand as I am currently residing in NZ . The mask is well designed , easy to put it on but need some time to adapt to it , after all it is not something I wear everynight before. In terms of anti snoring , i have downloaded the app to help me to monitor my sleeping quality , It might not a cure , however it will help to stop snoring by the vibrating when snoring is detected. The service after sales is great , they answer all the queries patiently and try their best to help out. Overall, it is recommended to you all.


Amazon Customer

I bought the product a few days back, my wife is already very happy about the result. Like everybody who snores, I don't know when I snore, but my wife knows every bit of it and it has been painful to her. The eye mask is comfortable to wear, the phone apps set up is smooth, and the configuration is easy. Next morning you can see the snore record of previous night on your phone. The device not only helps on snores but also improve the sleep quality, I was able to see the good progress for the first few days I used. I highly recommend this device to anybody who has snore problem, it worth every penny of the price.


The Experimentalist

This is a relatively new product concept, and it will probably improve with time and customer feedback. The key for me is that it works.

You can set several parameters in it with your iPhone, which you can connect via a standard cable (supplied). I'm not sure whether it currently works with other brands, and I would check that out before buying if you don't have an iPhone. The only two parameters that I changed were the snore-sensor sensitivity and the strength of the vibration. I've had no problems with both set to maximum. If you can't set it up with a phone, you can use it with its default settings and should get good results.

Here's how it works:
1. You charge it up with any USB charging source.
2. Disconnect the cable and put on the mask.
3. Simulate a snoring sound and verify that it reacts by vibrating.
4. If it does, you're good to go to sleep with it.
5. Whenever you start to snore, it vibrates.
6. In over a month of use, I've only felt the vibration 3 or 4 times.
7. For me, it will usually shut down the snoring before it gets started and without waking me up.
8. It keeps a record (graph) of the snoring that you can download to your phone to see how you're doing.
9. I've found that the snore record is accurate, but it sometimes thinks I'm asleep when I'm not.
10. There is also a way to record your snoring sound, but I haven't tried that.

I recommend that you not initially trust yourself to determine how effective this is. At first, I didn't believe the results as displayed in my iPhone. I've since verified that it is doing exactly what it says it is.

Is this the perfect solution? I don't think so. The mask is reasonably comfortable, but there are times when I wish I didn't need it. The black on the mask strap has created a gray line on my pillow, so that can certainly be improved.

Do not assume that this thing will effectively use biofeedback to teach you not to snore. I go right back to snoring as badly as ever if I stop using it.

I look forward to using this on plane trips.

Summary: This device has essentially shut down my snoring and done it without interfering with my sleep. I no longer get snoring complaints. I no longer get up in the morning with a headache. My doctor is impressed, btw.



My wife says they really make a difference for me with my snoring. I highly recommend this product!



Bought this anti snoring set for my mom. After few days of use, it works really well!!


Carolina Rodriguez

Works, I rocked the house without it. Husband says it calms me down durng the night. I get better rest after good sleep.