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Smart Snore Stopper Anti Snoring Device | Earphone Type

Smart Snore Stopper Anti Snoring Device | Earphone Type Item NO: YA1313

US$ 111.25
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  • Style:Earphone Style
  • Supported App:Bluetooth 4.0 above,Andriod 4.3 Above,IOS7.0 and Above
  • Package Size:5.35x3.62x2inch
  • Package Weight:0.08(lb)

Product Name Smart Snore Stopper Anti Snoring Device | Earphone Type
Item NO YA1313
Weight 0.4 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Snore Stopper
Tag Anti Snoring Device , Snore Stopper , Smart Snore Stopper
Creation time 2018-11-30



The snore circle has worked really well for me. The only issue I have is with the app. I have difficulty using it, but I’m working on it.



WOW. This device began working first night, beeped me 5-10 times-- just enough to stop the snoring and get me moving to another position. After a couple weeks I was sleeping on my stomach or my side and the beeps were just 1-2 a night. It trains you quickly to find the best sleep position with no snores. However It will NOT cure your snoring. If I don't wear it to sleep, I'm back to waking the neighborhood. (so stick with it). The app was worthless, I found it to be a work in progress. Charging takes only an hour- probably gets me full 3 nights. Bottom line: If you can get used to the physical earpiece while you sleep, it will do the job.



so far snoring has stopped


Andy Cogbill

I will admit: I didn't really believe that a gadget would resolve my issues with sleeping, but I'd read so many good things about this technology that, when a friend finally recommended it to me, I decided to give it a try. Am so glad I did! It's comfortable, stunningly accurate, and most importantly, effective. Have a few tiny gripes about the app itself but I'm sure there are updates coming for it.

My wife is so thankful! So worth it.


GLC 3102

Device seems to work. I've tried it for a few nights and I'm happy with it so far. Product was delivered very quickly and was just as promised.



This is a good product - works as it says it will and helps to keep my snoring to a minimum. Happy I have one....



This is a great little product. I was impressed with the packaging and my husband says it is surprisingly comfortable to wear. He has only worn a few nights, but it is already helping his snoring a lot.


Arthur F. Jeyes

I purchased this item through the Indigogo page during development. Is it perfect, no... does it help? Yes...
Cons: 1. You are wearing something on and in your ear all night, for a side sleeper like me, this takes getting used to.
2. It needs charging every few days.
3. Takes a long time to sync data.
4. App is not very good from setup and UI perspective.
Pros: 1. It works, but does not eliminate all snoring... it reduces snoring. How do I know? 3 ways. First, the app on my phone shows me how well they think it has worked. The data it shows seems to coorelate with when I had good and bad nights. Second, I use sleep tracking on my Fitbit Blaze. It tracks how well I am sleeping continuously and agrees with the app provided with the Smart Snore. And, Third and final, my wife is happy and tells me my snoring is less and softer.



I can only write what my husband tells me of this product as well as from my end. From my husbands, he is not overly thrilled with it. A bit bulky making it hard to turn over and sleep. As long as he is on the one side it's fine. The instructions were pretty bad, mostly or all in Chinese, so he had to figure it out on his own.. Not all that complicated though. it has an app you can download but it's crap, kept crashing, so he doesn't use it. It looked a bit old, said it was a year old but unused though, just like it had been sitting in storage and got a bit discolored.
From my observation of sleeping with a snorer it was an immediate halt of snoring and deep loud breathing. It did stop him. I had a good nights sleep. The concept is it will buzz or vibrate when your breathing gets to heavy and will ring if you begin to snore, waking hopefully just enough to stop it, and keep your breathing rhythms even.
So, not only is this good from my end, but his health as well. Sleep apnea can wreak havoc on the system in so many ways. My husband refused to go to the sleep clinic so I tried different things to help him as well as reap the benefits of it myself. I would worry as I laid there listening to him stop breathing. It's freaky to say the least and would shake him until I would hopefully fall asleep after an hour or so from sheer sleepiness or go to another room.
Sprays haven't worked to well, nose spreaders probably would help but he won't clean the nose area before applying and it comes off during the night., so it renders useless though I love to use them.
There is also the matter of fit. I have read some have trouble with fitting. I tried it out when it came and couldn't for the likes of me get it on. I was frustrated that this a bad purchase. If fit perfect though on him.
So am I glad with the purchase? Yes. It Does need some improvements Such as fit, size,as well as the app, which is junk pretty much. He's used it for a couple months now and still is working. Not perfect but for both our overall health it was worth the purchase and it works just as it it described.